Videowall für Multimedia Studio der WK Niederösterreich

Videowall für Multimedia Studio der WK Niederösterreich

WIPAmedia secures tender for multimedia studio from the Lower Austrian Chamber of Commerce

We are pleased to announce that WIPAmedia has successfully won the tender for the equipment of the Lower Austrian Chamber of Commerce’s multimedia studio. The LED Videowall, with an impressive size of 2400 x 1800 mm and an ultra-slim modern design just 40 mm deep, will transform the multimedia studio into a technologically advanced environment. The outstanding refresh rate of over 3840 Hz and an ultra-fine pixel size of 1.5625 ensure brightness and color fastness.

The technical equipment includes comprehensive assembly, software training and the integration of controller, software and controls. WIPAmedia relies on the Novastar H-series video splicing processor, specially developed for fine-pitch LED applications. As the first all-in-one splicer and controller on the market, the H-Series enables easy system integration and impressive visual effects.

The WIPA VAII series offers various efficient and innovative installation techniques, including mixed connection technology (VAII series) for high practicality, creative connection techniques and easy front maintenance. The vertical and horizontal mixed connection technology allows for maximum flexibility, while the user-friendly front maintenance saves space and makes maintenance easier.

The power supply, hub card and modules can all be serviced from the front, which is not only technologically advanced but also provides the highest level of ease of use. Patented Smart Inkjet technology enables higher contrast ratio presentations in vivid and sharp colors. The unique nanocoating also ensures greater protection against LED defects and chains.

The WIPA VAII series completes the portfolio by allowing 90° rotation without color cast and offering various creative seamless connection techniques. Overall, the WIPAmedia solution presents itself as groundbreaking in terms of technology, flexibility and user-friendliness – an optimal answer to the requirements of modern multimedia studios.

We look forward to the successful collaboration with the Lower Austrian Chamber of Commerce and are convinced that the implemented technology from WIPAmedia will raise the multimedia studio to a new level of visual excellence.

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