Videowall für Multimedia Studio der WK Niederösterreich

Videowall für Multimedia Studio der WK Niederösterreich

WIPAmedia secures tender for multimedia studio from the Lower Austrian Chamber of Commerce

We are pleased to announce that WIPAmedia has successfully won the tender for the equipment of the Lower Austrian Chamber of Commerce’s multimedia studio. The LED Videowall, with an impressive size of 2400 x 1800 mm and an ultra-slim modern design just 40 mm deep, will transform the multimedia studio into a technologically advanced environment. The outstanding refresh rate of over 3840 Hz and an ultra-fine pixel size of 1.5625 ensure brightness and color fastness.

The technical equipment includes comprehensive assembly, software training and the integration of controller, software and controls. WIPAmedia relies on the Novastar H-series video splicing processor, specially developed for fine-pitch LED applications. As the first all-in-one splicer and controller on the market, the H-Series enables easy system integration and impressive visual effects.

The WIPA VAII series offers various efficient and innovative installation techniques, including mixed connection technology (VAII series) for high practicality, creative connection techniques and easy front maintenance. The vertical and horizontal mixed connection technology allows for maximum flexibility, while the user-friendly front maintenance saves space and makes maintenance easier.

The power supply, hub card and modules can all be serviced from the front, which is not only technologically advanced but also provides the highest level of ease of use. Patented Smart Inkjet technology enables higher contrast ratio presentations in vivid and sharp colors. The unique nanocoating also ensures greater protection against LED defects and chains.

The WIPA VAII series completes the portfolio by allowing 90° rotation without color cast and offering various creative seamless connection techniques. Overall, the WIPAmedia solution presents itself as groundbreaking in terms of technology, flexibility and user-friendliness – an optimal answer to the requirements of modern multimedia studios.

We look forward to the successful collaboration with the Lower Austrian Chamber of Commerce and are convinced that the implemented technology from WIPAmedia will raise the multimedia studio to a new level of visual excellence.

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LED-Anzeige auf dem berühmten Extasy-Fahrgeschäft im Prater

LED-Anzeige auf dem berühmten Extasy-Fahrgeschäft im Prater

WIPAmedia sets new standards: LED display on the famous Extasy ride in the Prater

When it comes to thrills and adrenaline rushes, the Extasy ride in Vienna’s Prater is an attraction that will take every visitor’s breath away. But now the thrill isn’t just limited to the ride itself – WIPAmedia has equipped the Extasy ride with an impressive multi-page LED display, transforming the Prater into a true spectacle.

Nothing for weak nerves

The Extasy ride is known for its breathtaking rides and fearless passengers. And installing the WIPAmedia LED display was also not for the faint of heart. At challenging heights, WIPAmedia’s experts had to demonstrate their technical skills to ensure the display was perfectly placed and installed. But the result was more than worth it.

An enthusiastic new owner

The Kolnhofer family, who are the new owners of the new WIPA LED screen on the Extasy ride, are convinced and satisfied. The ad with a size of 15 m² cannot be missed. It radiates in all directions and informs Prater visitors about rides, promotions and opening times. This investment in cutting-edge technology will certainly help improve the guest experience and provide them with helpful information.

An eye-catcher in the heart of the Prater

The Extasy ride is located in one of the most prominent places in the Prater, and the LED display from WIPAmedia inevitably attracts the attention of visitors. With vibrant colors and clear messages, it is a real eye-catcher and an important contribution to the entertainment of guests in the park.

A reference that speaks for itself

For WIPAmedia, this project is not just another order, but an impressive reference that underlines their capabilities and commitment to quality and innovation. Installing the LED display on the Extasy ride was undoubtedly an unforgettable experience for the WIPAmedia team.

Overall, this project shows how high-quality LED displays can not only improve the appearance of attractions, but also encourage interaction with guests. The Kolnhofer family now has an impressive tool at hand to attract the attention of visitors to the Prater and offer them an unforgettable experience. WIPAmedia remains proud of the partnership and looks forward to more exciting projects in the future.

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WIPAmedia liefert 4×4 m LED-DooH für Publica in Leonding

WIPAmedia liefert 4×4 m LED-DooH für Publica in Leonding

In the world of visual communication and advertising, innovation and quality is crucial. WIPAmedia, your trustworthy supplier of high-quality LED and information systems, recently delivered a remarkable 4×4 meter DooH video wall with state-of-the-art SMD LED technology in a durable industrial design for its long-standing customer Publica in Leonding. This video wall is not only a visual treat, but also a testament to technological progress and quality.

State-of-the-art technology in use

The DooH video wall from WIPAmedia is characterized by its impressive 8 mm pixel grid and a resolution of 480×480 pixels. Even at a viewing distance of over 100 meters, it offers a breathtaking visual experience that attracts the attention of the target group in an instant. The SMD LED technology guarantees razor-sharp images and rich colors that delight every eye.

A highlight for Publica in Leonding

The video wall is successfully operated by Publica Advertising & Consulting and is one of four video walls in this region. Publica operates a total of 15 of its own video walls in Upper Austria and arranges advertising throughout Austria. Publica ’s decision to choose WIPAmedia as a supplier for DooH video walls shows its confidence in the quality and reliability of WIPAmedia’s products.

WIPAmedia is proud of such a prominent customer

As a supplier of high-quality LED and information systems, WIPAmedia is proud to have Publica as a prominent customer. This partnership demonstrates WIPAmedia’s commitment to providing world-class products and services that exceed customers‘ needs. With the successful installation of this video wall in Leonding, WIPAmedia is once again showing that they are leaders in the field of visual communication.

WIPAmedia’s video wall for Publica in Leonding is an example of how innovative technology and high-quality workmanship come together to create impressive visual experiences. This video wall will certainly help spread Publica’s clients‘ messages in an effective way and capture the attention of their audience.

With its commitment to quality and innovation, WIPAmedia remains the preferred partner for companies looking for high-quality LED and information systems.

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Safety First bei Fundermax. Mit LED Displays von WIPAmedia

Safety First bei Fundermax. Mit LED Displays von WIPAmedia

WIPAmedia, the innovative company in the field of LED display technology, has been successfully committed to workplace safety for years. For Fundermax, a renowned manufacturer of building materials, WIPAmedia has produced 5 LED displays that are specifically tailored to the needs of their industrial plants.

WIPAmedia’s LED displays are not only robust and durable, but also extremely functional and flexible. They were individually designed according to Fundermax’s customer-specific ideas to show the accident-free days of the various plants and to provide important safety information.

The LED displays feature a stainless steel housing and feature multi-line text displays that allow employees to quickly and easily capture important safety instructions. All five displays can be controlled centrally and decentrally to ensure that the accident-free days are always compared.

WIPAmedia is proud to be an important partner of Fundermax when it comes to improving workplace safety. The company attaches great importance to ensuring that the LED displays are functional, eye-catching, stable and effective. With the motto „Safety First“, WIPAmedia relies on the highest safety standards and technological innovations to help companies protect their employees and work environments.

WIPAmedia new LED display is an example of how the company stands out in the LED display market through its innovative technology and customer-focused approach. It is expected that these new LED displays will be used not only in industry but also in other areas such as public transport, advertising and many other applications.

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LED Display als Teil von Kunstwerk by Werner Reiterer

LED Display als Teil von Kunstwerk by Werner Reiterer

The Rupertinum Salzburg celebrated its reopening after months of renovation work and now wants to improve its external perception in order to attract more visitors. The museum relies on an art project by the Styrian artist Werner Reiterer called “Mind traffic”. By redesigning a construction site screen in front of the entrance to the listed building, the artist not only wants to present his art, but also generate attention for the museum.

The art project took three months to build and was made even more difficult by the COVID-19 pandemic. Nevertheless, Reiterer is convinced that his exhibition will have the desired effect. The construction site screen can be seen from a distance and attracts the attention of passers-by. This is intended to make more people aware of the museum and become interested in its art and history.

The artwork by Werner Reiterer shows how a WIPA LED display can also be used as an art object. It underlines the versatility of modern LED displays and their possible uses. Whether as an advertising medium, a source of information or as a work of art – LED displays can be used in different ways. With Werner Reiterer’s art project, the Rupertinum Salzburg has found a creative way to draw attention to itself and increase its visitor numbers.

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Stadtinformationssystem für Stadt Amriswil

Stadtinformationssystem für Stadt Amriswil

WIPA LED Informationssystem, die perfekten Wahl für effektive und umweltfreundliche Tourismus- und Stadt-Informationen. Unsere stromsparenden und auffallenden LED Informationssysteme sind die ideale Lösung, um Touristen zu informieren. Unsere Anzeigesysteme sind massiv und industriell ausgeführt und eignen sich auch bei schlechtesten Witterungsbedingungen einwandfrei für den Einsatz.

Mit WIPA LED-Anzeigensystemen haben Sie den entscheidenden Vorsprung. Unsere Informationssysteme werden genau dort eingesetzt, wo Kunden, Mitarbeiter und Gäste direkt erreicht werden – kostengünstig, modern, formschön, effektiv, auffallend und leuchtstark, grafikfähig sowie wartungsfrei, energiesparend und in Echtzeit aktualisierbar. Unser LED-System ist die perfekte Wahl für den Tourismus- und Kommunalsektor.

Bei WIPA stehen Qualität und Kundenzufriedenheit an erster Stelle. Wir bieten ein breites Spektrum an LED-Anzeigesystemen, die perfekt auf Ihre Anforderungen abgestimmt sind. Ob Sie Ihr Tourismusangebot bewerben oder die Besucher Ihrer Stadt informieren möchten, unsere LED-Stadtinformationssysteme bieten Ihnen eine flexible und ansprechende Lösung.

Dank unserer langjährigen Erfahrung und unserem technischen Know-how bieten wir Ihnen ein komplettes Servicepaket, von der Beratung und Planung bis hin zur Installation und Wartung. Unsere LED-Anzeigesysteme sind zuverlässig, langlebig und zeichnen sich durch ihre hohe Qualität aus.

Entdecken Sie die Vorteile unserer LED-Informationssysteme und kontaktieren Sie uns für weitere Informationen. Wir freuen uns darauf, Sie bei der Umsetzung Ihrer Ideen zu unterstützen.

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