WIPAmedia, the innovative company in the field of LED display technology, has been successfully committed to workplace safety for years. For Fundermax, a renowned manufacturer of building materials, WIPAmedia has produced 5 LED displays that are specifically tailored to the needs of their industrial plants.

WIPAmedia’s LED displays are not only robust and durable, but also extremely functional and flexible. They were individually designed according to Fundermax’s customer-specific ideas to show the accident-free days of the various plants and to provide important safety information.

The LED displays feature a stainless steel housing and feature multi-line text displays that allow employees to quickly and easily capture important safety instructions. All five displays can be controlled centrally and decentrally to ensure that the accident-free days are always compared.

WIPAmedia is proud to be an important partner of Fundermax when it comes to improving workplace safety. The company attaches great importance to ensuring that the LED displays are functional, eye-catching, stable and effective. With the motto „Safety First“, WIPAmedia relies on the highest safety standards and technological innovations to help companies protect their employees and work environments.

WIPAmedia new LED display is an example of how the company stands out in the LED display market through its innovative technology and customer-focused approach. It is expected that these new LED displays will be used not only in industry but also in other areas such as public transport, advertising and many other applications.

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